How Much Does the Tesla Model S Cost

For 2019, Tesla Model S prices start at $79,990. That is one of the 

highest base prices in our luxury hybrid and electric car rankings. 

Note that this price tag doesn't take any tax incentives or gasoline 

savings into account, but Tesla often includes discounts such as 

these in its price quotes. For more information on pricing and 

features, see our section below on which Model S is right for you.

2019 Tesla Model S

Model S Interior
How Many People Does the Model S Seat?

The Model S is a four-door car with seating for five people. 

Previous build years were capable of seating up to seven with an 

optional rear-facing seat, but this is not available for 2019. The 

front seats have 12-way power adjustments and offer a great view 

of the road. All passengers are pampered with spacious, heated 

seats, but opulent upgrades are notably lacking. The up level 

Model S Performance comes with ventilated seats, but options 

such as massaging seats or upscale interior trimmings are not on 

the menu.

Model S and Car Seats

On each outboard rear seat, the Model S has a full set of LATCH 

connectors, which includes two lower anchors and an upper tether 

anchor. The middle seat has an additional tether anchor.

Model S Interior Quality

The Model S' attractive interior boasts lots of first-class materials 

and a striking infotainment screen. Most professional reviewers 

say the interior is well-constructed, though a few note some build-

quality inconsistencies.

Model S Cargo Space

The hatchback body style of the Model S grants more cargo space 

(it has around 26.3 cubic feet) than most luxury hybrid and electric 

cars. With no gasoline engine under the front hood, a separate 

storage area takes its place. This 5.3-cubic-foot "frunk," as Tesla 

labels it, is roomy enough for a medium suitcase.

Model S Infotainment, Bluetooth, and Navigation

The Model S boasts plenty of cutting-edge technology, starting 

with the 17-inch touch screen that dominates the cockpit. The 

interface is responsive, and smartphone and tablet users will find it 

mostly intuitive to use. A navigation system, a WiFi hot spot, and 

voice-activated controls come standard. Tesla CEO Elon Musk's 

sense of humor also comes through in the myriad Easter eggs 

hidden throughout the system, with "Spinal Tap" and James Bond 

references among the surprises.

The Model S' system isn't perfect, however. It lacks advanced 

smartphone integration options such as Apple Car Play and 

Android Auto. Professional reviewers say features such as 

navigation aren't dependable and that using the system can be 

overly distracting while you are driving.

For more information, read What Is Apple Car Play? and What Is 

Android Auto?

Model S Performance

Model S Engine: More Than Enough

The acceleration rates of the all-electric Model S are exhilarating 

whether you're merging onto the highway or overtaking slower 

traffic. The electric motors grant instant torque – while gasoline 

engines slowly build power when launching from a stop, an EV 

can blast off the moment the accelerator pedal hits the floor. The 

base Model S can spring to 60 mph in about 3.7 seconds. Model S 

Performance editions can get there in a mere 2.4 seconds. Both 

models have a top speed of 155 mph and come with a 100-kilowatt-

hours lithium-ion battery pack and two electric motors.

Model S Gas Mileage: Excellent for Long-Distance Travel

The Model S has one of the longest ranges among EVs. You can 

drive the base model up to 370 miles on a single charge. Range for 

the Model S Performance drops slightly, to an estimated 345 miles. 

Compare that with the maximum range of mass-market rivals such 

as the Nissan Leaf (estimated at 226 miles), Jaguar I-Pace (234 

miles), and Chevrolet Bolt EV (238 miles). The Model S has a 111 

MPGe rating from the EPA (learn more about mpg equivalent 


All Model S trims are capable of charging with Tesla's network of 

superchargers on a pay-per-use basis. Supercharging can add about 

170 miles of range in half an hour. At home, it takes between 4 3/4 

and 12 hours to fully recharge the 100-kWh battery at 240 volts, 

depending on the type of charger you are using.

Model S Ride and Handling: Well-Balanced

The Model S comes alive when you push it through a twisty 

canyon, but it's just as enjoyable during a laid-back Sunday drive. 

Its lithium-ion battery adds weight, but it also increases stability, 

partly by lowering the center of gravity. Add in the car's precise 

steering and composed ride quality, and handling becomes 

effortless and enjoyable. Furthermore, the EV's regenerative brakes 

feel natural and responsive. Every model now comes standard with 

Tesla's dual-motor all-wheel drive.

Model S Reliability

Is the Tesla Model S Reliable?

The 2019 Model S does not have a predicted reliability rating from 

J.D. Power.

Tesla Model S Warranty

The Model S comes with a four-year/50,000-mile warranty and an 

eight-year/unlimited-mile battery and power train warranty.

Model S Safety

Model S Crash Test Results

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has not tested the 2019 

Model S as of this writing. In limited testing by the National 

Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the 2019 Model S 

received five out of five stars in the rollover test.

Model S Safety Features

In addition to a rear view camera, all Model S cars come standard 

with Autopilot. This collection of advanced safety systems 

includes automatic emergency braking, front collision warning, 

and side collision warning. It does not give the EV any self-driving 

capabilities. You'll need Enhanced Autopilot, a $5,000 option 

available in all trims, to enable semi autonomous actions. It 

incorporates features such as adaptive cruise control and blind spot 

monitoring to do things like change lanes and manage the vehicle's 

speed in traffic. It also receives frequent over-the-air updates from 


Which Tesla Model S Model Is Right for Me

Tesla slims down its Model S choices for 2019, offering only two 

trim levels and a single interior setup. As of this writing, trim 

levels include the Model S (previously called the Model S 100D) 

and the Model S Performance (formerly known as the Model S 

P100D). The base Model S starts at $79,990 (applicable tax credits 

may lower your final cost). Only a couple upgrades are available, 

including Enhanced Autopilot. For $5,000, this self-driving system 

can steer the car, accelerate, brake, and change lanes.

Between its 370-mile range and its list of upscale amenities, the 

base Model S is an alluring pick. We recommend this trim unless 

you want the scorching acceleration rates associated with 

Ludicrous Mode.

Tesla Model S

The base Model S, previously known as the Model S 100 D, has a 

100-kWh battery, a 370-mile range, and dual-motor all-wheel 

drive. Standard features include a 17-inch touch screen, a 

navigation system, a WiFi hot spot, heated front and rear seats, 

and ambient lighting. The standard Autopilot isn't the self-driving 

Enhanced Autopilot (an additional $6,000), but a collection of 

advanced safety systems that include automatic emergency 

braking, front collision warning, and side collision warning. Prices 

for the Model S start at $79,990, and production time is estimated 

to be one to eight weeks.

Tesla Model S Performance

The Tesla P 100 D is now called the Model S Performance. Like 

the base model, it features a 100-kWh battery and dual-motor all-

wheel drive, but it accelerates faster than the base Model S. It has a 

range of 345 miles, and it features a Ludicrous Mode that cuts zero-

to-60 sprint times from 3.7 to 2.4 seconds. Carbon fiber trimmings 

and ventilated seats are among the few interior upgrades. Prices 

start at $99,990.

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