How Much Does the Mercedes-AMG GT Cost

The AMG GT family has a wide range of prices. The least 

expensive model is the AMG GT 53 sedan, which has a starting 

MSRP of $99,950. Prices for the two-door coupe and roadster 

models start at $115,900 and $127,900, respectively. At the top of 

the lineup is the track-ready GT R PRO coupe, which retails for 


Sporty but less expensive models in the Mercedes-Benz lineup 

include the SLC roadster ($48,950), E-Class coupe ($64,350), and 

CLS sedan ($69,950).

GT Performance

GT Engine: Fast, Faster, and Fastest

There’s truly no under powered engine in the AMG GT lineup. 

The entry-level GT 53 sedan is outfitted with a 429-horsepower 

3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six. It can launch this Mercedes from 

zero to 60 mph in less than five seconds.

All other models come with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8, 

which is offered in varying states of tune. In the coupe and 

roadster, this engine produces 469, 550, or 577 horsepower, 

depending on trim. In the sedan, it provides 577 or 630 

horsepower. Each of these models can blast to 60 mph in less than 

four seconds.The numbers tell only half the story, though. It’s the 

way that the AMG GT accelerates that makes it so impressive. The 

throttle is responsive and easy to modulate, and there’s a glut of 

engine torque across the rev range, helping the GT slingshot up to 

speed smoothly. The GT’s gearbox deserves part of this praise.

The coupe and roadster models come with seven-speed dual-clutch 

automatic transmissions and rear-wheel drive; the sedans have a 

nine-speed automatic with 4 Matic all-wheel drive. Both 

transmissions provide slick and well-timed gear changes. Drivers 

can also change gears on their own, using the steering wheel shift 


GT Gas Mileage: Subpar Even for a Sports Car

Fuel economy is not one of the GT’s highlights. The six-cylinder 

GT 53 earns an EPA-rated 19 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the 

highway. The V8-equipped models fare much worse, ranging from 

15 to 16 mpg in the city to 20 to 22 mpg on the highway.

GT Ride and Handling: Perfect Balancing Act

The AMG GT is very enjoyable to drive. The GT coupe and 

roadster carve corners with impressive stability and control. The 

steering is responsive and well-weighted, and the big brakes 

provide confident stopping power. The GT also rides quite 

comfortably for a sports car. Bumps and dips in the road are 

filtered out nicely, especially in models equipped with the Ride 

Control adaptive suspension, which has comfort and sport modes.

The GT sedan behaves a bit differently. You can tell it’s a heavy 

car – it doesn’t change direction as quickly as its lighter siblings – 

but it manages to stay composed and flat through turns. Part of the 

magic is the standard adaptive suspension, as well as Mercedes’ 

4Matic all-wheel-drive system, which can shuttle torque to 

whichever wheels have the most grip.

While every AMG GT model is a blast to drive, the GT R variants 

are the best for track-day events. These race-tuned models have a 

stiffer manually adjustable suspension, four-wheel steering, and 

powerful brakes.

GT Interior

How Many People Does the GT Seat?

The AMG GT roadster and coupe have two seats. The standard 

seats are nicely sculpted and supportive, and they’re comfy enough 

for long-distance cruising. There’s sufficient head- and legroom, 

even for taller occupants. That said, the gear lever is placed pretty 

far back on the center console, making for an awkward reach for 

most drivers. The low-slung seating position and small windows 

also hamper rear visibility, especially in coupe models. The 

convertible’s power-folding soft top fixes some of these issues; it 

can be lowered and raised in 11 seconds.

The AMG GT sedan has four seats. The front seats are similarly 

plush and supportive. Despite the car’s sloping roof line, the rear 

seats are surprisingly spacious, and they can accommodate two 

adults comfortably. Available upgrades include heated, ventilated, 

and massaging front seats. Heated rear seats, heated armrests, and 

climate-controlled cup holders are also available.

GT and Car Seats

The AMG GT sedan has two complete sets of LATCH connectors 

for the rear seats. The two-seat roadster and coupe models do not 

have LATCH connectors. We do not recommend installing a car 

seat in the front seat of any vehicle.

GT Interior Quality

The AMG GT has a handsome interior with clean lines and high-

quality materials, including upholstered surfaces, metal and carbon 

fiber accents, and soft-touch plastics. The cabin is fairly quiet, 

interrupted occasionally by the charming rumble, crackle, and pop 

of the exhaust.

GT Cargo Space

The AMG GT coupe has 10.1 cubic feet of cargo space. That’s 

about average for a luxury sports car. It’s easy to access this area 

thanks to the car’s hatchback design. The GT roadster has a 

conventional trunk, but it has only 5.8 cubic feet of room. 

Mercedes-Benz has not released cargo dimensions for the four-

door GT, but this model has a similarly practical hatchback layout.

GT Infotainment, Bluetooth, and Navigation

Updates for 2020 streamline a number of features among the AMG 

GT models. The GT coupe and roadster now come standard with a 

sleek 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, a 10.3-inch infotainment 

screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation, Bluetooth, two 

USB ports, HD Radio, satellite radio, and four speakers. The GT 

sedan adds a 14-speaker Burmester stereo, wireless device 

charging, and a 12.3-inch infotainment screen, which blends 

seamlessly with the gauge cluster.

Overall, both layouts look fresh and modern, but managing some 

functions could be easier. The sedan’s infotainment system is 

controlled using a touch pad on the center console. It tends to be 

sensitive, often registering accidental inputs, and it can be 

distracting to use while on the go. The coupe and convertible 

models have a straightforward rotary knob setup, though a 

touch pad is available.

GT Reliability

Is the Mercedes-AMG GT Reliable?

The 2020 AMG GT has a slightly above-average predicted 

reliability rating of 3.5 out of five from J.D. Power.

Mercedes-AMG GT Warranty

Mercedes-Benz backs the AMG GT with a four-year/50,000-mile 


GT Safety

GT Crash Test Results

Neither the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration nor 

the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has crash tested the 

2020 AMG GT. This is typical for high-end luxury vehicles.

GT Safety Features

All 2020 AMG GT models come standard with forward collision 

warning, automatic emergency braking, driver drowsiness 

monitoring, a rear view camera, front and rear parking sensors, and 

automatic high-beam headlights. Sedan models also include 

standard blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, hands-free 

parking assist, and adaptive pivoting headlights.

Blind spot monitoring and lane keep assist are optional in coupe 

and roadster models. Adaptive cruise control is available in all 

body styles.

Mercedes-AMG GT Dimensions and Weight

The AMG GT roadster and coupe are 15 feet long, while the four-

door GT sedan is 16.6 feet long. The GT’s curb weight ranges 

from 3,516 to 4,758 pounds, depending on configuration.

Where Is the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT Built?

Mercedes-Benz builds the 2020 AMG GT in Germany.

Which Mercedes-AMG GT Model Is Right for Me

The 2020 AMG GT is offered in three body styles: coupe, roadster, 

and sedan. All coupe and roadster models have a twin-

turbocharged V8 engine, a seven-speed automatic transmission, 

and rear-wheel drive. The GT sedan models have all-wheel drive 

and a nine-speed automatic transmission. Engine options for the 

sedan include a turbocharged six-cylinder and a twin-turbo V8.

Every AMG GT model provides muscular acceleration, lithe 

handling, and a wealth of high-end features, so your choice will 

largely depend on your budget and preferred body style. For many 

shoppers, it’ll be the GT 53 sedan. It’s the most practical option in 

this lineup because of its four-seat layout. It’s also the least 

expensive at just a hair under $100,000.

Mercedes-AMG GT

The 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT coupe starts at $115,900, and the 

GT roadster starts at $127,900. These two seaters come standard 

with a 469-horsepower V8 engine, a limited-slip rear differential, 

19-inch alloy wheels, a 10.3-inch infotainment screen, navigation, 

Apple Car Play, Android Auto, HD Radio, satellite radio, four 

speakers, Bluetooth, two USB ports, and a 12.3-inch digital gauge 

cluster. Remote key less entry, dual-zone automatic climate 

control, MB-Tex synthetic leather upholstery, heated seats, and 

heated side mirrors are also standard. The roadster has a power-

folding soft top.

Standard safety features include a rear view camera, front and rear 

parking sensors, LED headlights with automatic high beams, 

forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and a 

driver drowsiness monitor.

Options include proximity key less entry ($800), leather upholstery 

($1,900), ventilated seats ($450), a panoramic sunroof ($1,260), a 

10-speaker Burmester stereo ($1,300), blind spot monitoring and 

lane keep assist ($875), adaptive cruise control ($2,250), an 

adaptive suspension ($1,500), 19- and 20-inch wheels ($1,000 to 

$2,200), and a larger front splitter with a fixed-position rear wing 


Mercedes-AMG GT C

The AMG GT C coupe has a starting MSRP of $150,900, and the 

GT C roadster is priced at $162,400. These models have a 550-

horsepower V8 engine, and extended fenders give it racy wide-

body styling. It adds staggered 19- and 20-inch wheels, an adaptive 

suspension, four-wheel steering, upgraded brakes, leather 

upholstery, heated and ventilated seats, a 10-speaker stereo, 

proximity keyless entry, push-button start, a sunroof (coupe only), 

blind spot monitoring, and lane keep assist.

Most options carry over unchanged. New additions include carbon 

ceramic brakes ($8,950) and an 11-speaker Burmester surround-

sound system ($4,500).

Mercedes-AMG GT R

The AMG GT R coupe costs $162,900, and the GT R roadster 

starts at $190,745. These models boast a 577-horsepower V8 

engine, carbon fiber chassis bracing, and a manually adjustable 

coilover suspension. However, the GT R trims loses a number of 

convenience features in the name of saving weight, including 

proximity key less entry, heated side mirrors, blind spot 

monitoring, lane keep assist, ventilated seats, and the 10-speaker 

Burmester stereo, though these items remain available. Most other 

options carry over unchanged.

Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO

The coupe-only AMG GT R PRO retails for $199,650. This 

limited-edition model shares the same engine and standard features 

as the GT R and adds a carbon fiber roof, matte carbon fiber 

interior trim, high-performance carbon ceramic brakes, and larger 

aerodynamic elements.

Mercedes-AMG GT 53

The AMG GT 53 is the entry-level sedan model. It starts at 

$99,950 and comes with a 429-horsepower straight-six engine and 

all-wheel drive. The GT 53 sedan has all the standard features of 

the base GT coupe and roadster models, plus a 12.3-inch 

infotainment screen, a 14-speaker Burmester stereo, an extra USB 

port, and wireless device charging. Proximity key less entry, a 

power trunk lid, remote start, a sunroof, an adaptive suspension, 

adaptive pivoting headlights, blind spot monitoring, and hands-free 

park assist are also standard.

The available Driver Assistance package ($2,250) adds adaptive 

cruise control with steering assist, a more-advanced collision 

warning system, as well as speed limit and traffic sign detection. 

The Executive Rear Seat package ($3,550) adds tri-zone automatic 

climate control, a rear touch screen, heated and cooled cup holders, 

rear wireless device charging, two rear USB ports, and split-

folding rear seats.

Individual options include leather upholstery ($2,990), ventilated 

front seats ($450), massaging front seats ($1,320), heated rear seats 

($580), a rear sunshade ($150), soft-close doors ($550), a cabin air 

fragrance system ($550), a 25-speaker Burmester stereo ($4,550), 

surround-view parking camera system ($500), a head-up display 

($990), and 20- and 21-inch wheels ($750 to $3,950).

Mercedes-AMG GT 63

The uplevel AMG GT 63 sedan starts at $140,250, and it features a 

577-horsepower V8 engine. This trim adds leather upholstery, 

heated and ventilated front seats, a rear sunshade, an adaptive air 

suspension, four-wheel steering, and up rated brakes. Most options 

carry over, and you can add carbon ceramic brakes ($8,950).

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S

The racy AMG GT 63 S sedan goes for $161,200. It boasts a 630-

horsepower V8 engine and 20-inch wheels and comes with the 

same standard and available features as the GT 63.

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